Garden of Life Invites You to Tend Your Garden!

As a leader in science-based formulas made from clean, traceable and non-GMO ingredients, Garden of Life Canada wants to help Canadians improve their overall health and tend their gardens. Our Certified USDA products are formulated from fresh, real, whole foods that are traceable back to the seed, just like a real garden. These foods provide the formulas that empower people of all ages to lead their healthiest lives and feel their best.

After many months apart, we're excited to head back into the world and get back to the things we truly missed, like sitting around the dinner table with friends or sharing a hug with loved ones. During this time apart, the focus on our health, and our families’ health, has been greater than ever. Tend Your Garden aims to remind Canadians that as we return back to the things we love, some aspects of life might look a bit different but caring for our health and tending our gardens is something we should hold on to.

“Tending a garden needs patience, love and care. In order to really tend a garden and help it grow, it’s crucial to understand its individual needs,” says Amber Lynn Vitale, Certified Nutritionist and North American Educator at Garden of Life Canada. “Tend Your Garden is foundationed on the metaphor that caring for a garden, by maintaining its health, growth and strength, rings true for how we should treat our bodies,” she adds. “It’s designed to remind consumers that prioritizing our health should continue to be a crucial part of our daily routines, as we head back to school, work and the community.”

The past year has given us a heightened awareness of all the elements that we come in contact with every day and how we can build up our immune systems to fight off the bad ones, from bacteria to stress. It also reminds us that as the seasons change, so should our daily health routines, including the need to update the daily supplements we take to protect ourselves from viruses. Many studies have shown the benefits of probiotics in the reduction in the incidence and severity of cold and flu symptoms.

“As we approach Fall, we should be focusing on building our immune system as kids return to school and the cold season arrives,” says Vitale. “With over 70% of your immune system residing in your gut it is an important area to keep healthy and strong, so I recommend using Garden of Life’s Dr. Formulated Probiotics to help support a healthy microbiome,” says Vitale. “In Winter, we may need additional Vitamin C and D3. Both of these essential vitamins are often taken to prevent sickness as they play key roles in your immune function. Greens can also bolster immunity so adding Garden of Life’s Raw Organic Perfect Food products packed with greens, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and naturally-occurring chlorophyll can help boost immunity.”

With a wide selection of probiotics, vitamins and minerals, proteins and collagens, Garden of Life wants to support Canadians as they tend their garden. After months apart, we don’t want to miss any more of those special moments with family, friends and the community, so it’s important to empower ourselves to stay healthy through the use of clean, real and whole food vitamins and supplements.