What Third-Party Certifications Mean to Us

At Garden of Life, our products go through extensive third-party testing. Third-party certifications are the process by which an independent organization performs in-depth examinations of our manufacturing process. This ensures that we are meeting standards of safety, quality and performance.

Our high quality health products are made exclusively from real food. Synthetically created, chemical formulas are not for us! From the beginning of the formulation process to the very end, our products are always whole food, Certified USDA Organic, and Non-GMO Project Verified. The power of our products comes from quality, real food. With that being said, there is a lot of work that goes into making sure our products retain their real food powers. We refuse to cut corners and compromise on your health, and our certifications ensure this!

All certifications live up to and exemplify Garden of Life’s three principles:
  1. The science of whole food
  2. Clean is healthy
  3. Absolute traceability

Our Certifications

Valuing the science of whole food means that we respect the natural powers of whole foods. None of the food we use has been genetically modified. Being Non-GMO Project Verified means that ongoing consensus-based best practice testing is performed regularly. This is to ensure that natural nutrition hasn’t been tampered with.
For our collagen products, we work with IGEN, the International Genetically Modified Organism Evaluation and Notification Program. We know our cattle do not consume genetically modified grass or feed. The process through which they would be thoroughly tested for the presence of GMOs is still hard to come by. IGEN therefore tests our products for the presence of GMOs before they are released to the market. All of our collagens are thoroughly vetted by IGEN so that our products are as clean as possible!
Clean is healthy. We refuse to use pesticides, synthetic sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation. The whole foods we use for our products are therefore all Certified USDA Organic. Clean food for clean health!

For our athletes, we work with NSF Certification for Sport to keep our sport products as clean and compliant with sport standards as possible. Approximately 270 substances have been banned by major athletic organizations. The NSF Certified for Sport logo confirms that none of our products contain these banned substances. In addition, you will see an Informed Choice logo. The Informed-Choice Lab (a worldwide company) tests these products to confirm that other substances experts and governments have deemed unacceptable are also found nowhere near our products.

If you’re supporting for physical performance with our SPORT Certified Grass Fed Whey Protein, you can be sure that our above standards apply here also. In addition, our principle of absolute traceability also applies. Being Truly Grass Fed means that our cattle are free from hormones and antibiotics. Did you know our Sport Certified Grass Fed Whey is the only Non-GMO Project Verified whey on the market? We know exactly where each and every one of our ingredients comes from, as well what their farming practices are, down to fair treatment and compensation of workers. 

We also offer many Certified Vegan products. For example, our Raw Organic Protein and Raw Organic PROTEIN & greens are all protein powders that are verified vegan. They do not contain any animal or animal by-products, including chemical products which are tested on animals. When you see the Certified Vegan logo, you can be sure that this product is 100% vegan from production to consumption.

For our celiac and gluten-free customers, the Certified Gluten Free logo gives you the confidence that these products are completely safe from gluten. Quality, integrity and most of all, purity are being upheld in regards to strict gluten-free guidelines. We also have the NSF Gluten Free Certification, which ensures that we also comply with strict gluten-free manufacturing standards. Onsite inspections of both production and handling facilities occur regularly. No gluten (or gluten cross-contamination) here!

Our OU Kosher and Star Kosher logos both identify the products that have passed kosher certification processes. OU Kosher is the largest certification agency of its kind in the world. And Star-K Kosher is responsible for certifying tens of thousands of food products and establishments worldwide. Our Dr. Formulated 100% Organic MCT Oil is both kosher and Certified Paleo!

Our collagen and Dr. Formulated Organic MCT powders are examples of our third-party Certified Paleo-Friendly products. All herbivores are 100% grass-fed, forage-fed and pastured. These items are also listed under our keto-friendly products, making a ketogenic lifestyle more accessible to you. Our keto-friendly products all contain the correct ratios of fat, protein and carbohydrates and are labeled as such with the Keto Certified logo.

Our promise of traceability is covered by so many of our certifications; Non-GMO VerifiedCertified USDA OrganicCertified VeganCertified Paleo and Keto Certified. At Garden of Life, we are also a Certified B-Corporation. We meet the highest standards for social and environmental performance. We contribute in every way we can to upholding the collective efforts of the B-Corp brand and we wear this badge proudly!

At Garden of Life, we take the time and effort to ensure your health is never compromised, and that our products stay true to their original whole food powers. Our list of third-party certifications might be long, but we do it to uphold our promises to you, to never compromise on the purest, cleanest, most ethical products. Our power-packed, nutritious food supplements empower you for extraordinary health!