Restore Gut Flora with a Potent Probiotic Formula

Sometimes the unexpected happens! We get an unfortunate stomach bug, an unexpected bout of food poisoning, or we’re prescribed antibiotics to fight infection. These are all instances when our gut flora can become compromised.

Antibiotic treatment is so effective in fighting off unwanted bacteria that it can take out healthy bacteria also. Stomach viruses and infections can alter our bacterial ratios. When the delicate balance of gut flora is compromised, our digestive defenses are weakened and more prone to overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria that threaten our health.

Dr. Formulated Restore is a highly potent formula containing 200 Billion CFU of beneficial probiotics, including 11 different strains, to kick-start the replenishment of a threatened gut microbiome. If we have compromised gut flora, due to unexpected illness or antibiotic treatment, it is important to replenish probiotic bacteria and support the proliferation of diverse and intricately linked gut flora. The specific and diverse strains of bacteria available in the Restore formula are resistant to stomach acid and bile to quickly reestablish the groundwork of a healthy digestive system.

Dr. Formulated Restore

There is a delicate balance of bacterial flora existing within our intestinal tract. There are “good” bacteria that we want to support, and in return will help defend the proper functioning of our digestive tract. And there are the “bad” bacteria which lead to sluggish digestion, gas, bloating, poor nutrient absorption, poor elimination, and even intestinal lining deterioration. These bad bacteria need to be kept in check by the good. In order to do this, we want to ensure we are consuming a whole foods diet. Support your probiotic gut guardians with plenty of prebiotic-rich fruits and vegetables!

Probiotics, or the “good” bacteria, are formed by the prebiotic fibres inulin, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), and galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) found in fruits and vegetables. These prebiotic fibres cannot be digested in the body and are instead used by healthy bacteria to feed and grow.

Healthy gut flora contribute to proper metabolism of food and subsequent nutrient absorption. When there are inadequate amounts of healthy bacteria and food is improperly digested, food particles and metabolic wastes build up and fermentation can occur. If you excessively burp, are bloated or pass gas, this could be a sign of this digestive disruption.

Fermentation contributes to “bad” bacterial overgrowth. When the delicate balance of bacteria is thrown off for a prolonged period of time, we are more prone to infection, deterioration of the intestinal lining can occur, and allergies and intolerances crop up. So when our digestive system takes an unexpected hit, a high-dose probiotic is an important step towards bringing us back in line with health.

Dr. Formulated Restore is a 14-day program specifically designed by Dr. Perlmutter for quick replenishment of healthy gut flora, giving our digestive tract all the goodness it requires to thrive and function optimally! Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Restore is Non-GMO Project Verified, NSF Certified Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian, and shelf stable to stock up and have on hand for whenever you’re in need.

After we have ensured that our gut microbiome is back in peak working order, continue supporting it through diet and daily supplementation. Taking a regular probiotic supplement helps prevent occasional constipation and/or diarrhea, improves stool form and mental wellbeing. A great daily probiotic supplement option is our Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily.

Dr. Formulated Once Daily

As research continues to come out about the gut-brain connection, it is more important than ever to make gut health a priority for our mental health. By pairing a diverse, whole foods diet with our real-food powered supplements, you can ensure that you are maintaining good health and happiness for now and into the future!