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Garden of Life Canada

Herbal D-Tox Program


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Formulated by leading Clinical Herbalist, Dr. Terry Willard, this best-selling detox kit:
  • Cleanses the colon, kidneys, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, and supports liver function
  • Helps eliminate toxins & enhances metabolism
  • Simple Cleanse-Enhancing Diet included

This 12-day program includes:

  • Biliherb (48 tablets; 2 tablets 2 times a day)
  • Cleansaherb (48 tablets; 2 tablets 2 times a day)
  • Laxaherb (48 tablets; 2 tablets 2 times a day)
  • CL Herbal Extract (50 mL; 2 mL (40 drops) 2 times a day)

Looking for recipe ideas or cleansing support? Click to join our Online Cleanse Community.

To help maintain a healthy balance of assimilation and elimination, the Wild Rose Herbal D-TOX Program is uniquely designed to enhance all aspects of metabolism. It is a proven 12-day cleansing program, placing an emphasis on supporting the function of the liver, the small intestine and the bowels to promote proper digestion and elimination of toxins and wastes. The herbal formulas combined with the Simple Cleanse-Enhancing Diet is designed to encourage continued health, clearing of a congested system or renewal following over-consumption. It’s a simple way to maintain health, start a new lifestyle or break old habits.

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Complete Herbal Supplements

Whether to stay in good health, to clear a congested system, or to use after over-consumption, a detoxification program can be an integral part of your continued health.

For many, a D-Tox is the beginning of a new lifestyle, and a time for breaking unwanted habits.

100% Canadian, 30+ Years of Results

For over 30 years Dr. Terry Willard, Ph.D. has been teaching Canadians about the benefits of Clinical Herbology.

He is recognized as one of North America's leading Clinical Herbalists. He appears regularly in the print and electronic media as an exponent of responsible herbal use.

Wild Rose prides itself on being 100% Canadian.

Full 12 Day Program

An easy to follow 12-day program with recommended diet is included in your D-Tox kit.

Stick with it and you'll achieve amazing results.


Stimulates bile production by the liver and its release from the gallbladder (where it is stored) into the small intestine. Bile is necessary for proper digestion as it serves to emulsify dietary fats, enhancing their absorption.


Has a cleansing or natural laxative effect upon the intestinal tract and specially formulated to be non-addictive. Laxaherb is designed for use as a short-term laxative, i.e., 1 to 30 days, when relief from constipation is desired.


The key actions of this cleansing formula include cleansing the bloodstream, ridding muscle and lymphatic system tissue of toxic waste material and metabolic by-products and delivering these wastes out of the body via the urinary system.


This tincture is designed to provide a cleansing of the body with concentration on the urinary tract. Licorice root is considered the great detoxifier by the Chinese. Uva ursi and juniper berries are specific treatments for the urinary tract, both toning and cleansing it.

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