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  • Used in Herbal Medicine to help increase the bile flow
  • Contains no artificial preservatives, color, flavoring, sucrose, wheat, soy, corn or yeast

NPN 80070608

Biliherb formula stimulates bile production by the liver and its release from the gallbladder (where it is stored) into the small intestine. Bile is necessary for proper digestion as it serves to emulsify dietary fats, enhancing their absorption. It also makes metabolic wastes and toxins water-soluble, preparing them for elimination from the body.

Biliherb helps to decrease cholesterol buildup in the gallbladder and aids in the prevention and dissolution of gallstones. It is an excellent formula for detoxifying and strengthening liver function. This herbal combination additionally supports the spleen which, in turn, leads to greater overall blood cleansing and enhanced liver function.

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