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Garden of Life Canada

Desire for Women

Helps to maintain the physical aspects of women’s sexual health. Desire for women is formulated using KSM-66®, an exclusive active ingredient extracted from the root of Ashwagandha. By using a specialized extraction method that does not use alcohol or synthetic solvents, KSM-66® provides withanolides in their natural proportions. This method of processing makes it one of the few ingredients that has been clinically studied and supports physical aspects of sexual health in women.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic plant, meaning is can help increase resistance to stress and anxiety in individuals with a history of chronic stress, thereby improving their overall quality of life.

  • A Formula supporting physical aspects of sexual health and physical performance for women
  • Extracted without the use of alcohol or synthetic solvents, KSM-66® Ashwagandha has been clinically studied to reduce stress and promote overall wellbeing
  • No added wheat, soy, gluten, sugar, colours or preservatives
    • Contains milk, sulphites
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