Gently Reset this Fall with Wild Rose Gentle D-Tox

Fall can be a great time to hit the reset button! If you are looking to feel refreshed and stronger, Wild Rose Gentle D-Tox by Dr. Terry Willard is the perfect fit! Gentle D-Tox is a 12-day program designed to strengthen detoxification processes and help your body to function optimally again. When our detoxification systems become overloaded, they require support to continue keeping us healthy. Gentle D-Tox gives the liver, kidney and digestive tract support to shake off lethargy and impediments!

Dr. Terry Willard, Clinical Herbalist and Ph.D., has been an active proponent of Clinical Herbology for over 40 years. He is a pioneer of herbal medicine, and continues to teach, practice and write about the many benefits to mind, body and spirit that botanicals provide both medicinally and as food.
Gentle D-Tox is the gentler version of our original formula, while remaining as effective. Wild Rose is a cleanse appropriate for any time and is accompanied by a rich and diverse whole foods diet (as outlined in the accompanying booklet). The recommended whole foods diet is a chance to rediscover your tastebuds, and eliminate foods that can weaken or slow the body. 
“It should be a time of celebration and rediscovery of your taste buds. Why not be creative and experiment with foods from other lands? You just might discover you like eating this way.” - Dr. Terry Willard

With ample spices and experimentation with new whole foods, you may find that this new way of eating is both good for your body and enjoyable to consume! The Wild Rose D-Tox is not to be confused with a “fast”. During this “cleanse” you are not restricting calories. In fact, you may want to increase food intake to support the body properly through this period of increased expenditure. The body requires additional nutrients for the cleanse to be able to take it’s full effect!

Wild Rose Gentle D-Tox kit is a new approach to the full body, multi-system cleanse originated by Dr. Willard. Gentle D-Tox is designed to support all aspects of metabolism. With a milder laxative than our original, Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox maintains its effectiveness in supporting liver, small intestine and bowel function.

Living in our modern world, our liver, for example, can become easily overburdened by metabolic byproducts, chemical exposures and more. It gets congested and slows down. This congestion can lead to a back-up of bodily wastes, slowing of bodily functions, weakening our immune system and lowering energy levels.

All the tablets included in Wild Rose Gentle D-Tox are herbal formulations, and when paired with the Simple Cleanse-Enhancing Diet, support the body to upregulate our body’s natural cleansing and clearing.
Biliherb stimulates the liver’s production of bile. Bile is released by the liver into the gallbladder (where it is stored) and then into the small intestine during digestion. Bile emulsifies dietary fat for proper digestion and absorption. It also helps with detoxification by making metabolic waste and toxins water-soluble, encouraging their exiting the body through elimination.

Cleansaherb is a herbal formula used to further encourage toxic and metabolic by-product elimination.

Gentle Laxaherb is a combination of Yellow Dock and Alder Buckthorn. It is a milder laxative formula, helping to clear the intestinal tract thoroughly but slower and more gradually than the original. Yellow Dock is used here for a gentler laxative effect!

In our original D-Tox formula, Laxaherb is a natural cleansing laxative. Both formulas avoid bowel irritation, while stimulating the nervous system gently to increase elimination. Cascara Sagrada is used here for a stronger laxative effect!

CL Herbal Extract is an effective and thorough cleansing formula. It has diuretic properties that encourage elimination of toxins through the urinary system.

These herbal supplements work together to upregulate the body’s detoxification processes for improved health. If you choose to carry on from here, our recommendation is to maintain the accompanying diet and shift into the 15-day Wild Rose Liver D-Tox for maximum benefits. Committing to these two kits, along with the healthy diet, a couple times a year, provides the liver with ongoing support to combat the toxins and wastes accumulated through our modern lifestyles. Wild Rose Liver D-Tox package contains the following added benefits…

Milk Thistle Plus is an exclusive formula containing milk thistle seed extract for added liver support and protection. Milk thistle is well known for its liver protective properties. 

C-Herbaplex contains vitamin C to help the body metabolize nutrients. Vitamin C is an important contributor to collagen formation for the support and repair of digestive tissues. It also has powerful antioxidant properties and added herbs to support and complement its’ treatment.

This fall, let’s focus on simplifying and tuning in to what our bodies need to continue to be resilient and protected. Wild Rose Gentle D-Tox is the perfect way to focus on whole food goodness while giving your body herbal support and time to reset!
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