Cranberry Pomegranate Collagen Moscow Mule Mocktail



A sprig of mint, lime wedge, cranberries and pomegranate seeds - to your desired liking!


  1. Pour the lime juice, collagen powder and cranberry juice into a shaker with a little ice and shake vigorously.

  2. Pour the shaken mixture into two glasses (filled with more fresh ice!) making sure to use the cover to prevent any cubes or collagen clumps from pouring out.

  3. Top each glass off with half a bottle of ginger beer, each.

  4. Add toppings to your liking. (I used a mint sprig, a handful of pomegranate seeds, a few cranberries and a lime round.)

  5. Cheers, and enjoy!

This cranberry twist mocktail was created by Garden of Life Ambassador and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Larissa Nicole! For more clean, balanced and protein-packed recipes, check her out on Instagram at @eatwithlarissanicole.

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